Most companies remap cars that are diesel or OBD tuned. KIIRUS takes pride in extensive R&D along with a team of expert tuners and tool manufacturers internationally who helps us create a safe read and write protocols using complex techniques. This often involves complex R&D methods and maybe expensive for many tuners to take upon. We take pride in such accomplishments that are exclusive hence offered by our team of experts only. For instance; the VW Vento Petrol 1.6, KTM Duke 200 maps are exclusive and only offered by KIIRUS. We also carry out complex i-vtec paddle shifter programming for real time response on your ivtec Hondas, reading complex circuitaries in new complex boards with new eproms that are either password or boot protected. All of this only to provide you with a much improved map that is a fuel saver (min 10% if used wisely) in addition to better pick and overall drivability of the vehicle.

All cars cannot be obd tuned hence we carry out other bench methods where ecu top cover may have to come off for read and write. While one may worry about warranty in such cases, we want you to feel rest assured that our magical hands do the finishing so well that it may never seem if the ECU was touched at all. In most warranty cars the tech from the dealer will never tamper or even touch the ecu unless it were faulty or dead. Once tuned and secured back in original location you will soon ignore after the first drive feel.

Bench Tune Method :

ECU Programming on SX4

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Complex read and write methods. No physical parts are tampered.

We custom tune the manufacturer‘s software to massage boost control, fuelling, ignition timing and throttle/load control to mention just a few of the many areas needed to change on a proper remap. Our maps are made based on the quality of fuel for every demographic. We worry about extra smoke and your parts that could be affected with wrong tuning. Power combined with balanced tuning causes no harm on gearboxes and turbo. Limiters are tweaked upon request and power curves smoothed and extended beyond other tuners, the difference being our tuner has real pride in the tuning, better than you will find anywhere else. This can yield increases of 80 BHP or more on some petrol and diesel turbo’s yet maintaining reliability.

We customize your software to your specification - this way results are much better than using "off the shelf" products. Not every customer requirements are the same so why should the software upgrade be the same? We always match software characteristics to customer requirements where possible.

You might want the max speed limit removing for track day use, the rev range enhancing a little, you may want a smaller power increase with some extra MPG, or a true economy tune - then that‘s what you get.

We don‘t conform to the norm and supply cheap generic software - we build and supply the very best custom written software available today by our very own tuning guru for appointment scheduled. We strive to remain small and independent from the larger names so we can price our products fairly along with a service you‘ll feel happy with being looked after personally.