Thanks so much for your brilliant programming expertise which has completely changed the dynamics and driving experience of my new Ford Figo diesel. Let me breakdown the effects into positives and negatives

- when I bought the figo diesel was a tad bit dissapointed as the engine clearly felt underpowered and with me living on a slope the car would pick up only on 1st or at max 2nd gear. The 68bhp claimed by the company definitely made the car sluggish in it‘s drive quality. However once the engine was tuned and programmed by kiirus the car is a different beast altogether, can clearly see an increase in bhp resulting in a far more peppier drive quality. The gear shift and pick up is amazing. Infact climbing up a slope on 3rd gear is a breeze

-have filled up the 45ltr tank at 64kms and Now the second full tank at 774 kms giving me an avg in city driving of almost 16kms/ ltr with AC on which is just amazing

- NONE......all I can say that have keep reminding myself that I am driving an hatchback and not a sedan as the power and performance of the figo compares to a 85bhp fiesta atleast if not more

Briiliant stuff guys and definitely recommend to all to get their cars re-tuned by KIIRUS

Thanks and Regards
Hemang nensee
Nerul, Navi Mumbai

FORD Ikon Flair 1.3 petrol


The IKON is working verywell I have to just check the milage as i topped up the tank and yet to refill the same. Secondly I would like to ask you about are you interested to give any franchise for Pune. My ARAI frien was very much imprssed about the performance, first he asked me is it really 1.3 Ikon. Kindly revert back and also, you are sending me the data files and e receipt for the remapping.


Suryaprakash Bhagwat,

Punto multijet tuned

The Punto‘s good. It‘s does really well on the freeway and I did get fantastic mileage also. It‘s just that it smokes marginally a bit when I accelerate. Can you do something about it without reducing the HP? Also the garage have been pushing me to get the K&N filter. Is it good and should I change the air filter?

Thanks Nanda Kumar, Chennai



Good Job !!!!

I was planning to dispose of my Cruze due to very sluggish drive especially in citiy drive mode , but gave a second thought and came to u

nowwww OOOOpss.,

  1. excellent use of 3rd and 4 th gear , which was almost non existant in city drive mode.
  2. no turbo lag at allll
  3. 3rd gear pulls well from 20km/hr this is gr8 which has brought down need for constant gear change .
  4. Power band now good to pull car effortless.
  5. Good torque helps to push car well in ghats.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards
Yogesh Joshi.
Crab & Taur
Bavdhan , Pune 411021.

LINEA 1.4 petrol Tuned

I wanted to let you know that I am the 1st person that I know having got my 1.4 LINEA Emotion PK-Kiirus tuned on the 10th of August. I had read about Kiirus in the July edition of Auto Car where you had mentioned about the Punto Diesel- Kiirus tuned and the significant improvements in gear acceleration. I had connected with Abhishek immediately and got all the information about the ECU remap and what gains could be expected for the petrol version.

Finally on making up my mind to go for the ECU remap- I got my Car to the Kopar Khairane [new shop] for Kiirus. Abhishek was kind enough to give his Swift DDIS so that I could return back to work. I believe the total time taken was around 4 hours and on completion of the job- I returned to get the delivery of my car. Here are the improvements noticed in my LINEA Petrol post ECU remap-

  • In gear acceleration has improved considerably especially in the 2nd and the 3rd gear. Overall even in the 5th gear the car seems to speed quickly to 80 and 100 Kmph than before.
  • Lag noticed earlier when down shifting the gears is completely eliminated especially 4th to 3rd gear. The car can go in the 3rd gear much longer than before hence downshifting to 2nd gear is not required most of the times.
  • Lag in the 2nd gear has reduced drastically.
  • FE has not gone down! Although it is tempting to speed the car when getting a chance on the highway and cruising at above 100. So in effect, I would say if the car is driven consistently at around 80 KMPH then there could definitely be some improvement in the FE figures. I have not been able to control the desire to go faster after the tuning.
  • FE has not gone down! Although it is tempting to speed the car when getting a chance on the highway and cruising at above 100. So in effect, I would say if the car is driven consistently at around 80 KMPH then there could definitely be some improvement in the FE figures. I have not been able to control the desire to go faster after the tuning.

I am happy to share the car for a test drive if you wish to include in any of the upcoming editions of Auto Car India. They will be the right and the best people to actually measure the difference in terms of seconds faster from 0-60 or 0-100.

Yatin Sapre, PMP,CPIM | Capgemini | India
Service Delivery Manager, Warner Bros SAP AM

Abhi....hey thanks! I love my cedia and the crv tuned. Now the cars seem all worth it. ruebin d‘silva (goa)

I have been extremely happy after tuning my swift from KIIRUS. They have been very patient and informative about ECU programming explaining to a new customer who doesn‘t understand much about Automotive Tuning. I was simply amazed with the pick-up right in the beginning. I drive during the week from Goregaon to Vasai where my factory is so there is a mix of both city and highway driving. I first drove the KIIRUS demo swift and I was highly impressed. In the beginning I thought my car was all good and why would someone need tuning especially when the car only had 3500 kms. But after learning about tuning difference if you are a premium grade user, it blew my mind to see what a simple tuning could deliver without any hardware modifications. It drives much smoother and pulls much easier at lower rpm since the tuning in short I just like her more! I haven‘t paid too much attention to the mileage per litre, but I am sure it‘s all fine since it doesn‘t hurt my pocket any more than before. I have been very happy; my car gets regular service at the dealership, so that keeps my warranty. I would highly recommend a remap if it were possible for you car. If you can spend 30K for rims I am sure you can afford a remap. Performance always over aesthetics

Devi Prasad Patra
Manufacturer (plasticware).

Ashish Rai

Thank you KIIRUS for programming our Superb and 320d. You requested for a testimonial and here I am in a few words wanting to let people know, we have been very happy with the tuning provided. In the beginning I was little skeptic about the BMW since it is a 2008, but I trusted them after seeing the results on my superb. My 320d seemed powerful, but now this just seems to fly after 2500 rpm. The most dramatic experience was a feeling of the car suddenly being light and more responsive than earlier. I am an owner for a road construction company and I have to frequent between Mumbai and Mahad. It feels truly amazing, and now very often I swap my seats with the driver after we hit the expressway. I truly recommend if you are a premium fuel user.

Ashish Rai.
Rai constructions

Thank You Kiirus for the gains I have received!

I routinely install ECU upgrades to my motorcycles with magnificent performance gains, but they are a bit more complex for automobiles, so I initially contacted Kiirus to see if they could perform an ECU upgrade for my 2006 Lotus Elise. From our initial meeting, I knew I could trust them. As I explained what I would like and from their initial inspection of my car, they informed me what they could and couldn‘t do. On my Lotus, the ECU is locked out and doesn‘t take upgrades, but they did point me in the direction of other mechanical upgrades (Turbo and Superchargers). When I picked up my next performance automobile (E46 M3 SMG), I took it in for the same inspection. BMW ECUs are quite happy to take ECU upgrades and I went for the works. They installed a new ECU program with room for growth (the programs they install know how to deal with future upgrades such as intakes, exhausts, race fuel, etc.) in addition to a new program for the SMG controller which makes faster shifts. For the first 50miles or so, the program didn‘t have much of a change (as it was adapting to the new inputs), but after that‘s wow. Now my only problem is trying to keep it under the speed limit.

Kiirus treated me right and I‘ll definitely be coming back. And yeah one more thing, I also get good gas mileage if I drive it normal under city conditions so this performance gain doesn‘t hurt my pocket either.

Cheers, Jeff Clubs
Happy Customer