Frequently Asked Questions

testi  What is ECU?

An engine control unit (ECU) is an electronic control unit which controls various aspects of an internal combustion engine‘s operation. The simplest ECUs control only the quantity of fuel injected into each cylinder each engine cycle. More advanced ECUs found on most modern cars also control the ignition timing, variable valve timing (VVT), the level of boost maintained by the turbocharger (in turbocharged cars), and other peripherals.

testi  Does my new car need any programming? It drives well and I don’t see any need for it.

When cars are sold in a particular demographic, they are always programmed to lowest quality fuel available. To further make it safe for mass use, speed limiters are put down making the drive sluggish, heavier than it really is. Chip programming essentially involves downloading of stock data in binary from the main E-prom and then modifying it with corrections only to enhance and not cause any over boost to hurt motor and other components. Only tested maps are released to make your brand new car even better.

testi  Will a remap affect my vehicle warranty?

Remapping is virtually untraceable so this will not affect your warranty. We’ve tuned many cars from basic Chevrolet beat to complex Jaguars, Mercedes, BMW all over India and 90% of our tuned cars still enjoy warranty benefits.

testi  Is the work guaranteed?

Yes all work carried out by us is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied, we are willing to listen and work with what’s best in the interest of our customer. If we blow up ECU, we pay for your loss and replace with a new one. Our work is guaranteed against all losses.  Maps are guaranteed and they will never cause any failure of components.

testi  What if I am not happy with the remap?

All original files are kept so vehicle can be put back to standard. We deduct Rs.7500 for labor and reimburse the balance paid amount. All returns to be claimed within 7

testi  What about my fuel consumption?

Improvements in fuel consumption are variable up to 15 % in turbo diesel, and from 8-12% in naturally aspirated petrol.

testi  Why choose remapping over tuning box/module?

Tuning boxes fool the ECU in to thinking that the engine requires more fuel by giving false sensor values. Although gains are made this causes bad engine running and poor economy and reduced life of engine components over time. Real programming is always within safe parameters to achieve optimum out of your engine making sure no components are hurt. Programming also allows the car knocking to reduce, lowering rpm and engine noise that a tuning box can’t.

testi  How long does the remapping process take?

Regular cars: 2-3 hours, High end imports & Japanese 3-4 hours.

testi  What about my scheduled maintenance?

Timely as suggested by your car manufacturer

testi  Are there any drawbacks?

None.  We come to understand OUR diesel is really poor quality and with rising fuel prices our first intention are to program cars for BETTER FUEL ECONOMY with use of NORMAL GRADE FUEL at all pumps. Our engine maps are customized specially for Indian Fuel conditions to keep your car safe in years to come.

testi  What if other hardware modifications have been made?

No problem. We make the file accordingly. If the intake and exhaust has been modified, the car will adapt after 50-75 kms..

testi  What if I don‘t see any difference?

This is never possible. Gains are more apparent on engines that are diesel and turbo petrol. Naturally aspirated petrol engines have lower gain in terms of top speed, but we make them a lot quicker (with limiters removed) for daily commuting in city or highway use.

testi  if I don‘t live in Mumbai?

We don’t need your car, just the ECU shipped. It will be programmed and returned the same day to arrive at your location the next day.